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Who is the most dangerous player in Cricket? 2 prominent names

Who is the most dangerous player in Cricket?

In the realm of cricket sports, various renowned cricketers are known for their exceptional hard-hitting and charismatic strikes. However, today, we’re figuring out who is the most dangerous player in Cricket. 

Well, it’s extremely difficult to name one of the most dangerous cricketers in sports history, as various batters can make bowlers run for their lives. From Viv Richards to Chris Gayle, Virender Sehwag to Shahid Afridi, numerous notable names are feared by bowlers. 

Still Wondering who is the most dangerous player in Cricket?

Let’s discuss a few names in detail. 

Viv Richards:

There’s nothing wrong if you say others scored runs, and Richards completely destroyed the bowling. Back in the days of the 1970s and 1980, when deadly pace bowlers pushed cricketers away from the driver seat, Richards smashed those bowlers, and you’ll be surprised to know that too without a helmet. 

West Indies played around 50 matches under the captainship of Richards from 1984 to 1991. His fierce will to win always contributed to his achievements, which is why he’s the only West Indies captain who never loses any test series. 

He also holds the title of scoring one of the fastest test centuries during the 1986 tour against England in Antigua, from just 56 balls. He played 121 tests with a score of 8,540 runs at a 50.23 average, including 24 centuries. 

In Australia, no one has ever been as magnificent as Richards. In 1977-1978, he averaged 86.2 against Australia and other teams and scored 4 test hundreds. 

In short, it was demoralizing for a bowler to be blown away by Richards. His fierce batting, reflexes, and brute muscular strength combined with stroke play and timing made him the top cricketer in the list of who is the most dangerous players in Cricket. 

Virender Sehwag:

Virender Sehwag is the most explosive batsman India ever had. If you’re a die-hard cricket fan, you must remember the magnificent performance by Sehwag in Christchurch, New Zealand, back in 2009. The place was heaven for Sehwag. 

Imagine: the first over of the match, a fast bowler streaming in, Six, Six, Six, continuous hits by Sehwag left everyone stunned. After 3 balls, India 18/0, Sehwag 18/3. No other batter can ever do this in the sport’s history, that too in any foreign country. 

Moreover, Remember 2003? The day at Johannesburg, when Ricky Ponting was aggressively hitting Indian bowlers, The target set by Aus was 360, and everyone already thought India had lost. But not Sehwag. He hit the ball and scored a blistering 82 off 81 balls, creating history again. Also check out Top 5 Famous Cricket Rivalries

In the 2011 ODI, he scored 219 off 149 balls against West Indies, leaving behind Tendulkar’s record of scoring highest in one-day internationals. Sehwag is the only player who played on his own terms without being constantly worried about the consequences. 

Shahid Afridi:

In an interview, legendary cricketer Chris Gayle named Shahid Afridi a six-machine. And we totally agree with this statement. Afridi is famous for changing the course of a game in the blink of an eye. Also Read: Top 10 Cricket World Cup Moments of All Time

Shahid (117) has the highest strike rate in ODI. However, there is nothing certain about Afridi’s batting. He started as a batsman, then traveled as an all-rounder and became a spin bowler. His uncertain batting nature is why most cricket fans don’t want him to be on the list of the most dangerous players in Cricket. 


In conclusion, we can’t place the name of one cricketer in our article about who is the most dangerous player in cricket, as many have exceptional hard-hitting skills. Still, we’ve tried to break down a few names of the world’s greatest hard-hitters who created awe in the hearts of bowlers with their aggressive batting action. Let us know in the comment section, who’s your favorite one and why? 

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