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Everything you need to know about Haris Rauf Bowling Speed

Haris rauf bowling speed

While at the Hundred tournament, Indian batsman Dinesh Karthik offered high praise for Pakistani bowler Haris Rauf’s 150 kph bowling, declaring Rauf one of the best in the world currently.

Karthik stated Rauf’s skills rank among the top tier of elite global cricketers, underscoring the Pakistani paceman’s increasing dominance.

Let’s find out more about Haris Rauf Bowling Speed:

The Rise of Haris Rauf Bowling Speed

Haris Rauf’s rise from tennis ball cricket obscurity to elite Pakistani paceman has been simply remarkable.

The aggressive fast bowler’s raw talent has lit up international cricket, leaving batters bewildered by his speed and swing.

While attending The Hundred tournament, veteran Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik took notice of Rauf’s gifts. Karthik hailed the Pakistani sensation as “arguably one of the better white ball bowlers” worldwide currently.

Haris Rauf Bowling Speed

Such high praise from an esteemed opponent validates Rauf’s ascendance into the top tier of cricket’s most feared bowling phenoms.

At just 28 years old, the humble star’s best may still be to come.

Inspiring Cricket Journey

Just years ago, Rauf was an unknown bowler in Pakistan’s tennis ball cricket circuit. The Lahore Qalandars organization discovered his raw pace talents and refined them in their academy system.

Rauf then ascended rapidly from local leagues to Pakistan’s national team.

Indian veteran Dinesh Karthik, commenting on Sky Sports during The Hundred, reflected on Rauf’s meteoric rise.

Karthik asserted the speedster is now undeniably “one of the better white ball bowlers going around in world cricket,” especially with his lethal yorkers at the death.

Haris Rauf Bowling Speed journey embodies how talent and opportunity can transform grassroots talents into global sensations.

Get this – Rauf has gone from making his debut for Lahore Qalandars back in 2018 to being a pillar of the Pakistani white-ball squad in just a few years.

Since first joining the international scene in January 2020, he’s played 62 T20Is and already snatched up 83 wickets at a killer average of 21.71.

Not too shabby! In less than three years, Rauf has become indispensable for Pakistan. His meteoric rise has been fun to watch. And at just 28 years old, I’d say his best bowling is still ahead of him!

Rauf’s become known for some seriously speedy bowling performances as he’s ascended the ranks. During the T20 World Cup against England, he bowled an incredible delivery clocked at 159 kph – his fastest on record!

More recently in PSL 2023, Rauf threw down a blistering 154kph ball, the speediest of the whole tournament.

And if that wasn’t enough, he also posted killer figures of 3-34 that same match, just showing off his skills as a fast bowler.

But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Rauf. Before his cricket career took off, he had to balance his studies along with a part-time salesman gig. Tough juggling act!

However, things changed when Rauf was selected by the Lahore Qalandars PSL squad – that was the turning point that put him on the path to cricket stardom.

Since then, it’s been exciting to watch him develop into a world class fast bowler for Pakistan.

Speed Trio in T20

Together with fellow phenoms Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah, Haris Rauf Bowling Speed is poised to form a devastating Pakistani pace trio at the 2022 ODI World Cup.

Rauf’s emergence gives Pakistan a three-headed monster to terrorize opponents. This young fast bowling squad proved their mettle in the thrilling T20 World Cup final, nearly defending a modest total thanks to their hostile, pinpoint bombardment.

Rauf’s addition only bolsters this world class attack. With youth, pace and mastery of line and length, Pakistan’s quicks aim to conquer cricket’s biggest stage through raw, aggressive speed.

When his team needed him most, pacer Haris Rauf delivered a championship-level performance for the Lahore Qalandars in the PSL 2023 qualifier on Wednesday.

Defending a modest total against Multan Sultans, Rauf ignited a fiery spell, bombarding opposition batters with lethal yorkers under pressure.

Using precision and aggression, the death overs master conceded scarcely a boundary, restricting Multan to 160. Rauf’s controlled intensity sealed victory, validating Lahore’s faith in their homegrown fast bowling phenom.

On the biggest stages, Rauf proves why he’s become one of PSL’s most economical and intimidating quicks.

His Heroic Bowling In PSL

Facing Multan Sultans’ daunting batting arsenal, the Qalandars needed a hero to contain the scoring onslaught.

Initially, Lahore’s star Shaheen Afridi struggled, leaking runs as Kieron Pollard teed off.

Rauf rose to the immense pressure, first deceiving Usman Khan with a slower ball to halt momentum.

Returning at the death, Rauf unleashed his yorker prowess, cramping batters for room and yielding scarcely a boundary. Do you know how much is Shoaib Akhtar Highest bowling speed.

While Afridi faltered, Haris Rauf Bowling Speed spearheaded the counterattack. His tactical slower balls and pinpoint execution neutered Pollard’s power.

Rauf’s steadfast composure under fire proved vital in limiting the Sultans.

Single-handedly, the pace ace shut off run-scoring avenues with immortal lines and lengths.

As batters flailed helplessly against his assault, Rauf showcased mastery honed through years of development since his tennis ball cricket origins.

Few bowlers in franchise cricket can claim such dominance amidst the fireworks. Rauf’s emergence as leader and match-winner cements his future franchise fortunes.

Rauf’s crowning moment came when he unleashed a 154kph thunderbolt, the fastest delivery of PSL 2023, to blast away Pollard’s stumps.

This express bullet surpassed pace rival Ihsanullah’s previous 153kph top speed, underlining Rauf’s unmatched velocity.

Economical Overs

Yet raw pace alone doesn’t make an ace. Rauf’s clever variations kept batters off balance, mixing flaming yorkers with slippery slower balls. His mastery of line and length yielded barely a loose delivery as he concede just 34 runs in his 4 economical overs.

With gentle wrists and a steely mindset, Rauf controlled proceedings even as star Shaheen Afridi faltered. Their synergy exemplifies a selfless, skilful attack in which different bowlers shine on any given day.

Rashid Khan also stifled run scoring from his end with pinpoint accuracy, giving away just 18. However, it was Rauf who broke partnerships at critical moments to grab the spotlight.

This performance spotlights Rauf’s development from Lahore’s investment in the raw tennis ball cricketer into a polished match winner.

Years of refinement in pace, tactics and temperament have molded Rauf into a bowler for the big occasion.

Once an unknown, Rauf is now mentioned in the same breath as countrymen Afridi and Naseem Shah as Pakistan’s bowling future. Their menacing pace troika shall strike fear in batters for years to come. Also Read Arjun tendulkar bowling speed

With his breakout showing, Rauf proves ready to spearhead bowling attacks when the stakes are highest. His power, precision and poise shine brightest under pressure. Fittingly, it was Rauf’s nerveless spells that tilted a seesawing PSL qualifier in Lahore’s favor.

Rauf’s Rising Cricket Stature

Franchises recognize game changing talents – expect bidding wars as elite leagues jostle to enlist Rauf’s services.

For now, the Lahore Qalandars reap the rewards of molding a homegrown hero. They knew before the world that for Rauf, intimidating speed was just the beginning.

This complete bowler’s journey has only just begun.

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