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How to Hold a Bowling Ball for Spin- 3 outstanding techniques for spinning

How to Hold a Bowling Ball for Spin

Bowling is a fun sport that requires skill, perfection, and a balance between speed, throw, and angle management. If you want to be a top player and be professional in the field, you need to know the basics, such as how to hold a bowling ball for spin.

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Holding a Bowling Ball for Spin

To hold a bowling ball, you can follow any one of the following techniques:

●        Put your thumb in the thumbhole for a firm grip. Hold the ball in the palm with the fingers around it in a firm clutch.

●        Just hold the ball with your bowling hand and support it with your non-bowling hand. You can hold it at about mid-chest level for medium speed, higher for slower bowlers, and lower for faster bowlers. This technique is known as a two-handed throw.

●        The thumbless grip is slightly more tricky with just the fingers holding the ball. It requires a lot of throw power, accuracy, and control but generates a lot of spin in return.

●        If you just want a good grip on the ball, insert all your fingers in the marked holes and set the ball on the pad of your hand.

●          Two techniques that involve the movement of the wrist to create spin include:

Cranker Style Release:

This is based on twisting your arms and wrists as releasing the ball to generate spin.

How to Hold a Bowling Ball for Spin

Flip Release Technique:

It includes flipping your wrists to create the desired spin.

Three Techniques to Generate a Spin

For generating spin, rotate the ball at a correct angle (generally 15-degree rotation) with the throw. It is to be to generate a spine noted that the greater the spin, the greater will be your scoring potential. However, there are three techniques to help you spin.

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Straight bowling

Straight bowling is meant for spares as it goes straight without much curve and hits the only target.

Hook bowling

Hook bowling helps score a strike as the ball knocks down pins and into each other. The ball goes from left to right or right to left, depending on your side of the throw. In this technique, the baller rotates the fingers during the ball’s release.

Backup bowling

Reverse hook creates the opposite spin of hook bowling. But it is difficult to control and has no severe advantage over the other two, so it is mostly discouraged.


Role of Grip in Generating Spin

The grip that creates the most spin is the firm grip that creates a lot of revolutions but depends on the strength of the throw. The loose grip causes the ball to slip from your hand while winding, mixings up the calculation between power and angle. It is generally difficult to control.

Final Thoughts

A correct grip on a bowling ball is the crucial step to correct delivery and, thus, success. Knowing the answer to how to hold a bowling ball for spin is a primary requirement along with the techniques for spin production and their importance in bowling. All the significant information has been provided to you in the article. Now, it is up to you to choose the style that suits you best and go for the shot.

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