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New Zealand Cricket Welcomes New Chief Executive: Scott Weenink Takes Charge

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New Zealand Cricket (NZC) is in a new era with the appointment of its new chief executive, Scott Weenink. This transition follows the departure of the former chief executive, David White, who recently stepped down from his role. 

New Zealand Cricket

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Weenink, a versatile individual with a background in both business and cricket, is set to officially assume his position after a warm welcome ceremony at NZC’s Auckland office.

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Background of Scott Weenink

Scott Weenink’s journey is one of diverse experiences. His professional history includes successful cricketing ventures and a career as a corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions lawyer. 

Over time, he has accumulated valuable insights across various industries, such as funds management, financial services, private equity, telecoms/technology, infrastructure, and sports. This rich tapestry of experience spans regions including New Zealand, the UK, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. 

Weenink’s sporting endeavors are equally colorful, representing Oxford University Blues in cricket and rugby.

A Commitment to Cricket and Beyond

Recently, Weenink held a significant position as the chair of the New Zealand Cricket Players Association. However, he has decided to leave this role to embark on his new journey as NZC’s chief executive. 

New Zealand Cricket

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According to Martin Snedden, the chair of the New Zealand Cricket Board, Weenink stood out from a pool of strong candidates due to his unique set of experiences and skills. Snedden highlighted Weenink’s grasp of the crucial link between grassroots cricket and top-tier performance. 

Moreover, Weenink’s familiarity with global cricket matters, especially in the Asian region, is a noteworthy asset for NZC’s future endeavors.

Embracing the Role with Honor

Scott Weenink expressed his deep sense of honor and enthusiasm upon his appointment as NZC’s chief executive. His passion for sports, particularly cricket, and his interest in the business aspect of athletics make this position an ideal fit for him. 

Weenink acknowledged the delicate balance between community-level cricket and the high-performance aspects of the sport. He is committed to upholding and nurturing this equilibrium for the betterment of cricket in New Zealand.

Transitioning into a New Phase

Before taking on his new role at NZC, Weenink had several non-executive director positions, from which he has stepped down, except for his involvement with a school board of trustees. This step underscores Weenink’s wholehearted dedication to his new role and determination to foster cricket’s growth within New Zealand.

Positive Change

In conclusion, the appointment of Scott Weenink as the new chief executive of New Zealand Cricket marks a significant turning point. With his diverse background spanning various industries, extensive involvement in sports, and deep understanding of the intricate dynamics between different levels of cricket, Weenink is well-equipped to steer NZC into a new era. 

The cricketing community and fans across New Zealand eagerly await the positive transformations and progress that Weenink’s leadership is poised to bring.

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